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5 Questions with Dr. Tim McMahon, J. Blue Agency Advisor

Tim P. McMahon is an accomplished author, teacher, coach, and business leader. He has founded, owned and operated businesses, including radio stations, agencies, and restaurants. He has led sustainable growth in large-scale multinationals and small businesses alike using effective strategy, cutting edge technology, and authentic human engagement. He has published academic papers on leadership, new media and distance learning and has presented at international academic conferences.

He is a lifelong learner and for more than a decade has focused on the challenges of higher education, learning and productivity. After a successful career, he returned to higher education and earned a MA from Seton Hall University and a PhD from Gonzaga University. He has also served in key leadership positions leading learning initiatives, advancing experiential learning, and as serving as a senior officer in administration. In recent years he has been an invited lecturer at universities in China and India.

He has published chapters in the internationally-acclaimed Reputation Management, by Doorley &Garcia; and Routledge, Taylor & Francis published his book Fostering Employee Buy-in Through Effective Leadership Communication in July 2021.

In addition to his academic appoint as Associate Professor of Practice at the Heider College of Business at Creighton University, he is an adjunct professor at NYU. McMahon is a coach and consultant to business leaders on matters of communication, marketing, leadership, reputation, ethics and organizational performance.

As the faculty advisor to J. Blue, Dr. McMahon oversees daily operations and provides insights while working with our clients. This week, we sat down with Dr. McMahon to talk about his vision for J. Blue Agency and share more about the person that has brought the first student-run marketing agency to Creighton Univeristy.

1. What inspired you to start a student-run marketing agency at Creighton?

I believe there is no better way to learn than to do. I’ve wanted to put students in charge of an agency for years. I have helped colleagues at other colleges run firms. My expectations have been confirmed, our students are prepared!

2. What has been your favorite part about J. Blue?

Watching students take charge! I am not the manager, I am a resource and students seem to understand that and taken responsibility. Great feeling.

3. What is one goal that you have for the agency in the next year?

Delighted clients.

4. What is one piece of advice that you would give to students that are pursuing a career in marketing?

This is a service business. Possess a servant’s heart. You will be rewarded handsomely.

5. Looking into the future, what are you most excited for regarding J. Blue?

Growth. In clients, billings, and student confidence.

6. What is one challenge that you’ve experienced throughout this practicum? How did the team overcome that challenge?

Crush of deadlines. The only way any agency deals with it … people come together!

7. What is one fun fact about yourself?

I hosted a radio talk show when I was 19!

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