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A Lesson on Marketing & Its Digital Pivot

Typically in the Agency, we spend our meeting times discussing ideas or strategies for our clients, and debriefing our work progress. But this semester we started off with an exciting lesson on Digital Marketing from J. Blue Agency advisor Dr. Tim McMahon.

Dr. McMahon has had numerous experiences in the marketing world and has watched the world pivot to a more digital era of influence, from his time at Conagra Brands as a Marketing Executive to running his own marketing services firm.

With that, Dr. McMahon shared with the team what he calls one of the best digital marketing books available, Eric Schwartzman’s The Digital Pivot: Secrets of Online Marketing.

Eric Schwartzman is a digital marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and best-selling author who has run promotions for a global PR agency and led digital marketing initiatives for Johnson & Johnson, Cirque du Soleil, and the Olympic Games.

In The Digital Pivot, Schwartzman provides an excellent explanation of the challenges of public relations in today’s marketplace and discusses methods for implementing and growing digital marketing in a simple and practical manner.

Dr. McMahon also discussed the concept that marketing communication has largely shifted from sending to receiving, because on the digital side, consumers are now able to have a direct response. In order to best manage that response, you must bridge the gap with the PESO Model. Through Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media, a brand is able to create a full picture of their organization in the eyes of the consumer, resulting in a coherent mosaic of media.

Overall, the best way to handle media evolution is to set goals by mapping your audience and working to grow with them. Through traditional and digital Media, along with the PESO Model, you will be equipped with the best ways to appropriately engage and interact with potential buyers.

For more marketing tips and tricks, follow the J. Blue Agency on Instagram and LinkedIn, @jblueagency.

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