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Get to Know Obinna Okoye: J. Blue General Manager

This semester, J. Blue Agency is led by College of Arts and Sciences senior, Obinna Okoye. Obi is studying Communications, Theology, and Leadership and has a wealth of experiences that help him lead our team. Today, Obi took the time to share with us about his past internship and the positive impact J. Blue has left on his Creighton experience.

From June to September of 2022, Obi served as Support Intern for Hudl where he “provided unrivaled to support to coaches and athletes through phone, email, and chats, displayed a high sense of empathy when interacting with coaches and athletes on all mediums and platforms, Proficient in writing emails and responding to direct messages on Twitter.”

Obi says this was an eye opening experience in that “I was finally able to see the perspective of someone in customer service. I think that when you are a consumer, you do not understand how much you need to know. When I was a Support Intern, there were times that I did not know the answers to everything, and there were times in which I had to ask for help to get those answers. This new perspective has given me a bigger appreciation for those who work and interact with customers daily.”

He says that “during my time in J.Blue, I learned that communication drives everything. Coming from the College of Arts and Sciences, I was nervous that my background in communications would not be enough to thrive in a fast – paced working environment like J.Blue. However, through my previous role as An Account Manager, I was able to realize that communication is essential. While technical skills are needed for content creation, knowing what the client wants requires understanding their vision, and listening to how they see it being executed – those things require aspects of communication. Going forward, I have a better understanding of the importance of communication and how it is one of the biggest factors in making an agency thrive.”

When asked what advice he had for incoming members of the team, Obi shared these words of wisdom. “Keep an Open Mind! Even if this is your first time entering a working environment, and you are not sure where you fit in, or what you would necessarily excel at, be open to trying anything, and you will naturally find what interests you.”

We’re grateful to have Obi leading our team and excited to see the work he does this semester! For more frequent updates, follow the J. Blue Agency on Instagram @jblueagency as well as our LinkedIn @jblueagency.

And keep an eye out, as the application for our Fall 2023 cohort will be rolling out soon!

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