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Mid Semester Recap!

The first half of this semester has been filled with new experiences, growth, and excitement! We have had a busy past couple months hearing from guest speakers, onboarding new clients, and recruiting next semester's cohort! Keep reading to hear about the ins and outs so far of this exciting semester in the Agency. 


The J. Blue Agency has had the opportunity to hear from numerous marketing professionals. One of our speakers, Christian Carrillo, gave insights into agency life beyond college and his experiences. Working for a very successful agency in California, Christian inspired us with his journey and gave tips into the fast-paced marketing industry. Along with Christian, we heard from local Marketing Director of FNBO, Tammy Williams. She shared about the corporate side of marketing, the impacts of marketing strategies, and also touched on recent campaigns and the processes behind them. The agency is honored to hear and learn from such successful professionals!


We have had a very successful semester expanding our clientele and achieving significant growth outside the agency. Our outreach team, Julia Enright and Maeve Burns, have been committed to connecting with potential clients and sharing what the Agency is about. Our new clients over the course of this semester include: Panneton Dental, Nava Med Spa, Creighton Fine and Performing Arts Department, CPCE, and Dunham House. We have been on our toes creating new logos, new social media accounts, building brand guidelines and more! Some of the work we have done for our new clients this semester includes crafting a logo for the Creighton Fine and Performing Arts Department and growing their brand-new social media accounts, putting together brand guidelines for Panneton Dental and Nava Med Spa, and creating a logo and new website for Dunham House. 

It doesn’t stop there! With all this external expansion, the internal growth in J. Blue has flourished. We recently had our open house where we talked about the Agency with potential new members. With the recent selection of next semester's cohort, stay tuned for the announcement of our newest members! 


…And that’s a wrap on the first half of our semester! We cannot wait to hop into the rest of this busy year. We are thrilled about this semester’s accomplishments and look forward to the growth and opportunity that is to come!

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