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New Client: University Communications and Marketing

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This semester J. Blue is excited to announce our new client: Creighton’s own University Communications and Marketing. Our team will work collaboratively with UCOM to develop a documented TikTik strategy focused on creating brand awareness amongst prospective undergraduate students. Our goal is to highlight all aspects of Creighton, ranging from the campus itself to extracurricular activities. New members Obi Okoye, Yanni Pappas, and Vi Conrad will be managing this account.

Obi is a senior from California majoring in Communication Studies and Theology with a minor in Leadership. He will act as the Account Manager for UCOM. Obi was previously the Social Media Coordinator for BluejayLife. He created and oversaw content on BluejayLife’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. In addition, Obi acted as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Freshman Leadership Program. He designed newsletters using Adobe Suite Programs and constantly communicated with students, parents, and executives alike.

Yanni Pappas is a senior from Nebraska majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He is assuming the role of Media Planner for UCOM. Yanni is the Director of Marketing for Omaha’s Original Greek Festival. He is skilled in promotional video editing, Instagram and Facebook advertising, and website management. Yanni is also a wizard with Adobe Creative Suite Programs. He is excited to be working with UCOM and said, "I am looking forward to creating content that showcases the essence of Creighton's student life."

Last but certainly not least, is Vi Conrad. Vi is a senior from Colorado majoring in Computer Science with a minor in BIA. She is the Content Creator for new client UCOM. Fun fact, Vi formerly worked as a Project Management Intern for UCOM. She is excited to partner with them again this semester. As a computer science major, Vi brings a unique perspective to the team. Much of her experience lies in website design and mobile app development. She was a web designer and branding expert at Corsano Academy and Codigio. As a professional photographer herself, Vi will aid the team with her creative eye.

We look forward to seeing what Vi, Yanni, and Obi contribute to J.Blue this semester. As always, if you are interested in applying to the J.Blue Practicum check out our live application here. The Spring 2023 application deadline is Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

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