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Testimonials from the Spring 2023 Team

As the semester nears its halfway point, J. Blue Agency has begun its recruitment process for the Fall 2023 semester. Today, we’ll be sharing testimonials from current members on why they joined the team and their experience so far. Junior Nicole Muetzel is in her second semester of the practicum and says “I joined J. Blue, because I wanted to utilize the skills I learned in my classes in a real world setting. I also wanted to learn more about the day to day tasks of a marketing agency. I have learned so much in such as short time at J. Blue. First and foremost, I have learned the importance of teamwork. Because our agency is so small, I have been able to work on multiple projects with many different people which is very rewarding. Lastly, the J. Blue Agency has strengthened my communication skills with people outside our organization.” Lauren McKenzie (pictured, right) is a junior in her first semester of the practicum and she already is seeing the rewards of her decision to join J. Blue. “I was first interested in J Blue because of Nicole Muetzel’s great experience that she was having in the Agency. She told me that she could see me enjoying being a part of the team and I decided to apply! I am so thankful that I made that decision. The ability to get real world client experience within the Agency is such a unique opportunity. Being able to collaborate with like minded individuals and peers to create successful marketing efforts is such an enjoyable experience that I am thankful to have in college. It is helping me to see the types of marketing that I could be interested in doing as a career someday. I am so happy with my decision to join J Blue!” And a final testimony from College of Arts and Sciences senior Marin Grehan (pictured, left) “I joined J. Blue to hone my talents in marketing research, social media participation, and company

pitches. In addition to gaining hands-on experience evaluating data for marketing initiatives, and visualizing marketing strategies. As an account manager I’ve gotten to strategize a public relations campaign to promote the Let It Fly podcast and flagship restaurant opening. As well as conduct meetings with the team to ensure that client work is completed in an efficient manner.” As you can see from our the words of our members, J. Blue is truly an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. Applications are now live and will be accepted until February 28th at 11:59pm. You can find the link to apply here. For more information, reach out to a current member of the practicum or Recruitment Manager Roland Agyeman.

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