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Tips to Succeed in Marketing From Industry Experts

The J. Blue Agency strives to give students real-world experience in marketing, public relations, graphic design, and advertising. One of the best ways to learn about marketing campaigns and branding is to gain insights from experts in these areas.

Guest speaker Tammy Williams shared her extensive knowledge on creative briefs to the members of J.Blue. Tammy is currently the Creative Director at FNBO and has over 20 years of experience in creative visual, advertising, and marketing disciplines. Tammy said one of the most important parts, maybe the most important part, of any marketing campaign is the creative brief. She highlighted a variety of elements every creative brief should aim to include in order to drive a successful campaign. The first step to a creative brief is asking the right questions. Start by brainstorming the problems the creative brief must address. Next, identify the target audience and their current behaviors. After identifying the current behaviors of the audience, create an action oriented statement of the desired end behaviors of the target audience. Now, it is time to generate a call of action and reasons to support the action. The final task, arguably the most crucial, is to identify criteria to measure the success of the brief. For example, statements, such as “we know we win if…” can help determine if goals were met.

Alec McChesney, Director of Business Development at SCORR Marketing, shared his knowledge on winning over potential clients and building business client relationships. At SCORR, Alec works to build, maintain, and manage SCORR relationships. He strives to actively identify and seek new global opportunities for SCORR. During his presentation, Alec emphasized the importance of creating strong client relationships. One way to strengthen business client relationships is to align the values of both parties involved. Alec often asks all his clients why they chose to work with SCORR. This helps him identify the client’s problems and generate solutions to improve the overall well-being of his clients. If you are interested in learning more about “winning” over clients, Alec recommended reading the book Eat Their Lunch by Anthiny Lannarino.

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1 Comment

Cole DeRousse
Cole DeRousse
Nov 03, 2022

Great post thanks for sharing. I specifically like Alec's advice on asking clients why they choose to work with the SCOOR agency. As marketers, it's crucial to plan these types of interactions with clients no matter how busy we may be. Simply taking the time to invite them for lunch or a quick zoom call to better understand your customer is one of if not the best ways to conduct customer research and ultimately keep delivering on the values that led them to you ultimately improving customer loyalty which in turn means more repeat business.

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