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What Do We Do At J. Blue?

Being a member of J. Blue provides us with a unique opportunity to experience marketing agency life in practice. Each one of us plays a role on our individual teams in order to contribute to the goals of our client’s and the agency. While client’s rotate each year, the roles that we play remain.

Student-run agencies are few and far between in universities. We use our diverse collection of students from all areas of the university to create content that cannot be found in a traditional agency. Each member provides a unique perspective that allows us to create content for clients that engages stakeholders in their niche. We use our members to the advantage of the client to create work that we are proud to highlight.

“The team is made up of people that have shown me so many perspectives on marketing strategies,” said sophomore and first semester member, Erica Chronik. “Everyone has chipped in to help each other cultivate strategic campaigns for their clients and promotional ideas for the agency as we grow.”

Outside of client work, members engage in LinkedIn Learning courses to expand our knowledge. The members of the agency come to J. Blue with experience across various industries and majors between the Heider College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. We use LinkedIn Learning to supplement our client work and help ourselves develop the skills that we need to be the best agents for the team. As a team, we felt that these courses helped us develop skills that would benefit us in the long-run as well as our short-term goals with our clients.

As a member, you can expect to collaborate with your team members daily to accomplish the goals of the client. The roles of the agency include media planning, content creation, account management, internal promotion, and account director. Each position collaborates with the others to contribute our own opinions on client and internal promotional work to create brands that stand out among the crowd. The biggest piece of advice that us members would give to students that are looking to join the agency is: “Be confident in your abilities and be willing to learn from other’s perspectives”. We have found that the practical nature of this course has pushed us to put our classroom knowledge to the test and find new ways to implement what we’ve learned throughout our Creighton careers. We are excited to watch the practicum continue to grow throughout the rest of the semester and with our new cohort in the fall of 2022.

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