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Dive Deep into the Department of Education Team

This semester J. Blue is taking on a new client: Creighton’s Department of Education. J. Blue will be working collaboratively with the Department of Education to create more awareness of graduate programs. Our team will highlight different career paths using the department’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. New member Nicole Muetzel and returnee Erica Chronik will be primarily working on this account with the help of Alyssa Okamura.

Nicole is a junior from Minnesota double majoring in Marketing and BIA. She is the Media Planner for the Department of Education. Nicole interned at North Risk Partners, an insurance agency, this previous summer. She designed advertisements for internal and external audiences using Adobe Creative Programs. In addition, she analyzed data regarding the performance of the company. Nicole was also a Marketing Assistant for embroidery company The Commanding Edge. She focused on creative content development as well as the coordination and planning of promotional events.

Erica Chronik is a junior from California studying Finance and BIA. She is in her second semester of the practicum and acts as the Account Manager for the Department of Education. In her first semester on the practicum, Erica oversaw J. Blue’s LinkedIn and website. She currently is a Marketing Intern for Big Data Analytics and Security at ATOS. She focuses her attention on developing and publishing promotional materials for new products and services. Erica also is a Video Editor and Creative Consultant for Creighton University’s Creative Suite. She edits and produces official videos for Creighton. Furthermore, Erica consults with potential clients to devise ideas for media projects.

Check out our LinkedIn and Instagram to keep up to date on all the new exciting projects we have in store for the Department of Education this semester. To learn more about the J. Blue Practicum check out our website here.

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