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Hear From our Departing Members

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

As the semester ends, so does the time in the J. Blue Agency of some of our incredible members. These talented individuals have not only left their mark on the agency but have also gained invaluable skills, forged meaningful relationships, and contributed to the growth of J. Blue. In this blog, we'll hear from Account Managers Annelyn, Mariah, Sarah, Lauren, Roland, and general manager Alecia as they share their reflections, highlights, and hopes for the future.


Annelyn speaks on the skills she acquired, and the lessons learned as the account manager of University Communications. Annelyn says, “The biggest skill I acquired from J Blue was the ability to develop a meaningful relationship with a client. Building trust with your clients and taking an interest in them personally can really help build your relationship. Over the past semester as an Account Manager, I’ve learned so many lessons and feel so much more confident working with clients moving forward!”

Internal Promotions account manager, Mariah, led a team of four throughout the semester. She says, “During my time with J.Blue, my team and myself have experienced so much growth. Coming in, I didn’t even know what an agency actually did. Leaving, I feel confident that I have set processes in place, redeveloped our brand, led an insanely talented group of women, and strategized content internally and externally. My team has grown in communication, brand representation, organization, and most importantly, confidence in each other. I can say the same for J.Blue as a whole as well.”

After managing the Department of Education account, Sarah says “I have properly learned how to communicate with clients in order to successfully help them not only understand their vision but bring it to life.”

            Now having a full year of experience, these members are able to offer advice to incoming and future members. The advice Lauren gives is, “To really embrace their time that they have in the Agency, to show up each early morning with a positive mindset and be ready to learn and gain new skills. My favorite part was getting to connect with guest speakers, so I would tell future students to really engage in those meetings, introduce yourself after, and connect with those speakers because you never know where those connections could take you!” 


            Our Client Acquisitions manager, Roland, is graduating a semester early and will start working full-time at Union Pacific as a Commercial Consultant. He says, “J. Blue has been a valuable opportunity exposing me to important aspects of marketing from brand identity strategy to hands-on content creation. Furthermore, it provided me with insights into the operational dynamics of a Marketing agency. I really enjoyed every aspect of being apart of the J. Blue Agency and would recomend all to apply!”


Our general manager, Alecia, has done an incredible job of leading the agency this past semester and supporting all of our members. Alecia says, “I have been thrilled to see the J. Blue Agency grow in number of team members, clients and overall awareness in my time at Heider. My hope for the future of J. Blue is that we can continue to grow our client bases especially expanding into other states. I also would love to see J. Blue partnering with other marketing agencies in Omaha and beyond.”


The agency's growth, commitment to client satisfaction, and dedication to professional development stand as a testament to its positive impact on its members. We wish these departing members the best in their future endeavors.




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