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Reveal of New Team Members

J. Blue is beyond excited to welcome seven new team members to the Spring 2023 practicum cohort. The addition of seven new members will allow us to expand our clientele for next semester. There is always room for growth at J. Blue, and we know these new members will take our agency to the next level.

Annelyn Caldwell is a current sophomore majoring in Marketing and Graphic Design. She is interested in digital media marketing and hopes to gain a better understanding of the marketing world during her time in the practicum.

J. Blue is adding five juniors to the team for next semester. Lauren MaKenzie is majoring in Marketing and is excited to explore the different aspects of marketing. Sarah Burnett is majoring in Marketing and Business Intelligence & Analytics. Her dream job is being an interior designer. Next up is Alecia Fitzgerald. She is a Marketing and Management major and is looking forward to working with her peers on different projects. Mariah Kacer is studying Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. She hopes the J. Blue Agency will push her outside of her comfort zone. Finally, Rolo Onwona-Agyeman is majoring in Marketing and is excited to build connections with clients and classmates during his time at J. Blue.

Last but not least is Marin Grehan. She is a senior studying Journalism on the Public Relations and Advertising Track while also getting a Business Administration minor. Marin is hoping to gain an understanding of the unique benefits and challenges of being part of an agency.

Although we sadly must say goodbye to three second semester members: Asha Martel, Henry Dunham, and Erica Chronik, five members will be returning in the Spring. Obi Okoye will be J. Blue’s new Account Director. He will lead the new team alongside existing members Yanni Pappas, Vi Conrad, Alyssa Okamura, and Nicole Muetzel.

Follow J. Blue on Instagram and LinkedIn to read more about our new and returning members. As always, check out our website here to learn more about the practicum.

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