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September Recap!

Our first full month in the J Blue Agency was a busy one! We hosted special guest speakers on two separate occasions, held our agency open house to potential new members, received many new member applications, completed a Google Analytics certification, and worked on projects within our accounts.

Our first group of speakers came to us from OBI Creative. Karisa Malchow and Sophie Spicci are both Creighton Alumni and came to talk to us about agency life and their experience. Here is some valuable information directly from Karisa:

As Vice President of Client Services at OBI, I get to be responsible for relationships, retention, and revenue (in that order). This involves developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality services. Our team collaborates closely with various departments to align strategies, manage client expectations, and drive customer satisfaction. Focused on client retention and growth, I lead our teams to deliver exceptional service and identifying opportunities for upselling or expanding services. My role relies on my ability to combine leadership, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the market to contribute to our overall success.

For marketing students, a valuable piece of advice is to prioritize gaining practical experience alongside academic knowledge. Actively seek internships, participate in real-world projects, and build a portfolio showcasing your skills. Marketing is a dynamic field, and hands-on experience will give you insights into industry trends, tools, and strategies that go beyond the classroom. Additionally, stay curious and keep up with the evolving landscape of digital marketing, social media, and analytics. Networking is crucial, so engage with professionals in the field, attend industry events, and consider mentorship opportunities. Lastly, embrace creativity and be adaptable – marketing requires thinking outside the box and adapting strategies based on changing consumer behavior and market dynamics.”

Our second group of guest speakers came to us from SCORR marketing. Katherine Covalt, another Creighton Alumni, joined us with her coworker Alec McChesney. Katherine is the VP of Client Services & Executive Strategist and Alec is the Director of Business Development. SCORR is a drug and device development marketing agency. They were able to give us more insight into agency life and gave us the chance to ask questions.

The J. Blue team is so thankful to have had the experience and to create connections with alumni working in agencies!

Over the month of September, the UCOM team has been working on getting 2-3 videos out each week on the @creighton1878 TikTok. This included a new series where we interviewed seniors about various topics and posted one question they answered per week. They also covered the many renovations on campus, Homecoming week, Cocoa the Counselor’s (campus therapy dog) birthday, and provided midterm study tips. It was an exciting month, and they are ready to keep making more great videos!

Our Department of Education account attended the Aspiring Educators of America club meeting. They had guest speaker Renee Jones who was the Nebraska Teacher of the Year! They also attended a student counselor and principals conference this week which was hosted by Drs. Tim Cook, Jan Powers, and Jiwon Kim. They highlighted their research on providing mission-centered preparation for school counselors in Catholic Schools. In addition to these events, the team interviewed and did Q&As with current undergrad students: Teagan Jacobs, Sabori Cervantes, and Sylvie Martin who are currently student teaching.

That’s a wrap for September! We look forward to reviewing new member applications and jumping into another busy month this October.

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