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What is J. Blue?

What does it mean to work with a client?

Working with clients is one of the unique advantages of being a part of the J Blue Agency. Working with real-world clients allows us to be hands-on and learn about different communication skills and personalities in the workplace. These interactions involve a lot of communication, improving transparency, and being upfront when communicating. One of the main skills learned from working with clients is adaptability, a skill necessary for every job in the future.

What does work as a Content Creator look like?

Many of our new members in the agency work as Content Creators. Being a Content Creator requires creative thinking and coming up with unique ideas. In addition, taking and applying feedback are quickly learned. As content creators, meeting deadlines and communicating with account managers are skills developed in this role.

What does work as an Account Manager look like?

Many of our returning members have stepped up into the role of account manager this semester. Account managers oversee and manage a small team within the agency. The role of the account manager is the direct connection between the client and their team. They need to keep an open line of communication. Account managers take initiative and lead the team in deciding what the best next steps to take are.

What traits do we look for in new members?

What do we look for in new members?

Each semester, J Blue welcomes new members. When adding to our agency, we seek members who can bring unique and useful skills. We value diversity in skill sets, but there are important traits we prioritize. To thrive in our agency, students need to be collaborative, work well on a team, be organized, be passionate about marketing for our clients, and excel at communication inside and outside class time.

A typical day in class/class structure:

A typical day in class will vary depending on the schedule. The class meets twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 8:00 a.m. sharp until 9:15 a.m. A typical day may begin with a short lecture from Dr. Tim McMahon, who shares valuable advice about working in a marketing agency that can be applied to J Blue and future endeavors. After that, our General Manager usually provides updates on the agency before we break into our teams. On a day like this, there will be dedicated time to work with your teams during the remaining class time. On other days, we may have special guest speakers who address various topics applicable to our agency. As teams, we plan accordingly for days we won’t have in-class work time and allocate more time for work outside of class.

What skills are strengthened throughout J Blue?

Throughout the first semester of J Blue, the main takeaway is learning to take accountability as a team member while also balancing personal responsibilities. By the second semester of J Blue, students truly understand how to with a brand guide, handle constructive criticism, and develop strong project management skills.

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